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Building the Flagship Theater For the A-List Franchise

A-List Theaters Business Operations - 50% Profit Sharing October 22, 2018 at 9:23 pm
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Project Description

Seeking investors for the flagship theater for the A-List Theaters Franchise. The flagship Theater will be a re-vitalized single screen movie theater in Santa Cruz California, that will serve not only as a working theater for daily audiences, but also as the showcase for the A-List Theaters Franchise.

The A-List Theater Franchise is the premiere movie theater business franchise. The A-List franchise is Bringing Back The Fun™ to the theater business.

Imagine Bringing Back the Fun™, glamour, and profit of a single screen theater, updated with state-of-the-art high technology.

Imagine an A-List movie premiere with stars walking the red carpet.

Imagine making great friends, watching terrific movies, and earning high revenues as an investor in an A-List Theater!

The A-List Theater Franchise is doing more than building the largest theater chain in America. It has a four-part business strategy:

· Broadfocus™ Technology

The A-List Theater Franchise brings together digital projection, internet video-on-demand, online direct sales, and the DVD and home video market with cutting-edge digital projection, providing theater owners with the choice of 35mm projection and a low-cost digital projection network for independent and foreign films.

· Open Theater Network

The A-List Theater Franchise is the only first-run theater franchise in America today. Multiplex theater complexes are company owned facilities, which show programs of films dictated by central management, often based thousands of miles from the neighborhoods where their theaters are placed.  The A-List Theater Franchise is composed of a family of locally owned and operated theaters, catering to the interests and values of their own towns and communities.

· Films, Food & Fun

The A-List Theater Franchise is a combined theater, coffee shop and movie merchandise retail center, combining the theatrical experience with a coffee shop other lounge where DVDs and exciting A-List merchandise will be available for sale. The combination of movie theaters with dining and night life has a proven track record for multiplying returns for both businesses, and is another way that the A-List Theater Franchise is Bringing Back the Fun™ to the movie business.

· Digital Community

Much like the successful online communities created by MySpace and YouTube, the A-List Theater Franchise capitalizes on movie centered social networking, providing a real world meeting place for online friends at A-List franchise theater screenings around the country.

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