Black Seminoles

Seminole Chiefs Osceola, Abraham, and John Horse, scions of the secretive and unconquered Florida Indians, must step forward once again to lead their people into a new future by confronting a challenger from their country's past, the almost indomitable United States Army.

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Project Description

Morning Dew is the most miserable, princess you can imagine. She’s hunted by slave catchers that she has been taught to avoid since she was an infant. She’s forced to live at home with her mother and father for safety reasons,  she’s forced to always come home before dark, and she’s forced to go to her neighbor’s house when the rest of the family is not at home. And on top of all that, she and her fellow Seminole Indian comrades are engaged in the Second Seminole War against the United States in an attempt to maintain possession, ownership, and control of their paradise home state of Florida. Yes, she’s just about as miserable as a princess can get.

Morning Dew’s world gets turned upside down even further on her 21st birthday, however, when a Seminole Indian Shaman, Dark Cloud, informs Morning Dew that she will soon be with the man she loves. Morning Dew also learns that, in Indian Country, he’s a hero.

When Morning Dew was an infant, her real parents were killed in the First Seminole War by slave-catchers who then tried to kill Morning Dew too. What’s so amazing to everyone is that Morning Dew survived undetected, and was raised by her Aunt and Uncle who treat her as their daughter.

When Morning Dew hears that she will soon be with the man she loves her heart is lifted. She meets with her father, Chief Abraham, to inform him of a change of plans concerning treaty negotiations with the United States.  Prompted by questions from Morning Dew, their conversation quickly becomes a spellbinding historical narrative by Morning Dew’s Father of what has brought them to this point in their lives as participants in the Second Seminole War against the United States. It is a battle for freedom, liberty, and justice, and their very lives are at stake.

Filled with mysticism, madness, and murder, the story ends spectacularly on a note of freedom, liberty, and love.

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