“Love Under Pressure”

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Project Description

Drama | Teen-Romance

“Love Under Pressure” chronicles the charged romance between a Caucasian Boy and African-American Girl as racial tensions unfold in a major U.S. city.

What would U risk for Love?


Rachel, an African-American girl from the South Side of a major U.S. city attending a prestigious suburban high school under a false zip code in search of a better education, falls in love with, Charlie, the school’s white basketball star. Soon the reality of societal pressures become evident and ultimately takes a toll on their relationship. The color of their skin drives a wedge between them until they embrace and respect their differences and search for common ground, which ultimately enables them to be together.

Rachel inspires, Charlie, to leave the safe haven of his suburban neighborhood to visit her on the South Side of the city. Just as their love overcomes the hurdles of bigotry, the verdict of a police brutality trial is announced. Violence and anger explode onto the streets as riots begin. His life endangered, Charlie, finds himself caught on the South Side of the city without a clear path to safety.

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