My Music My Dream: a young musician’s life IS a reality show

A unique musical competiton reality television series seeks Equity Partners to complete development phase and participate in future profits.

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Project Description


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-Project Synopsis:

“My Music My Dream – A young musician’s life IS a reality show” (M3D) will be a musical competition reality television series that is best described as “The Voice” and “American Idol” meet “Big Brother” and “Survivor” with several dramatic and musical twists.

Twist # 1: Differing from “Idol”/etc., M3D has young professional musicians and musician-vocalists as contestants, instead of inexperienced amateurs and wannabe’s, with some used solely as comic foils;

Twist # 2: M3D’s contestants will come from all over the globe and the only initial common language they will share is music itself;

Twist # 3: Our contestants will create totally new songs under direction of several celebrity mentors instead of re-hashing (in some cases) decades-old songs;

Twist # 4: We will create heavy and sustained fan/follower involvement by intense social media marketing from the outset (well before production begins) to choose artist candidates from their online audition videos all the way to choosing the members of the final group created by M3D;

Twist # 5: “Idol” and the others (with new shows of the same kind on the way) focus on creating “good TV”, and scant attention is given what happens to their contestants after the season finale. Despite several high Neilsen-rated reality talent shows over recent years, the amount of singers that have achieved some level of success as a “real” music act can be counted on one hand. This is primarily due to current reality talent shows’ prime demographic appearing to be grandparents and younger children…who do not attend non-pop concerts or nightclubs on any appreciable basis. Therefore these “singers” don’t need, and don’t have, the vocal stamina to sing 20-30 songs consecutively in a truly live performance. M3D relies on excellent musicianship, high production values and compelling original songs for its success.

Current reality TV talent shows’ only concern is making ‘Good TV” solely for that particular season.

“My Music My Dream” turns that concept around and features young, trained professional musicians that already have a high level of musical accomplishment. AND the band created from our show will have The Chance Of A Lifetime to proceed to a successful career as a stand-alone super-group and as a complete backup band for other major artists.

Young professional musicians already struggle mightily with issues of self-determination, self-doubt, commitment and competition. In order to work and perfect their art/craft, young musicians have to be in bands. Bands are very similar to marriages in that deepest fears, strengths and personality traits are revealed as the musicians struggle to compose, arrange and perform newly written music.


Imagine the real drama and intense viewer interest created when television cameras are added to the “mix” of musical disputes, language barriers and personal conflicts captured for international screening!


Using Social Media Marketing, “M3D” will seek to find the very best young professional musicians from all over the world and invite them to video audition for a place in a new band that will have the potential to become the newest of music super-groups. The invitee musicians will compete with each other to learn under the tutelage of celebrity mentors. The final band members are chosen by a combination of online fan voting and celebrity mentor choices. Fans will be deeply involved in the band from the very beginning of our talent procurement process.

Music super-groups, where all the members are top-flight musicians, have proven to be very popular (“crossover artists”) since Santana since the 1960s. Journey was a group of excellent musicians that still enjoy a level of success decades after their last album. The Dave Matthews Band is another, more recent example of excellent musicianship receiving great popular acceptance and considerable revenue streams. Other current music-oriented super groups include Sting’s many backup bands, Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper Experience, Kamasi Washington, Snarky Puppy, Daft Punk and The Roots. High fan demand remains for reunion tours of The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever and UZEB, which are all instrumental acts. The international public still loves high-level good music that is well performed.

As in professional sports, widespread public interest in generated when compelling new young talent, with the potential to “go all the way”, is introduced into the cultural mainstream. Our unique take on musical competition reality shows almost guarantees its major success.

“My Music My Dream” seeks an investment total of $99,273.00 to complete the development portion of this television project under SEC and State of California compliance. Equity Partners will receive 10% (ten percent) return on their investment plus future profit participation in anticipated revenue streams.

Please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for detailed information about this very unique and profitable investment opportunity.


Please click the following link for our Estimated Budget Top Sheet. Line-item explanations can be found in the following FAQ section.

development budget estimate


Adrian Peek (Executive Producer, Project Creator)

Mr. Peek is best known internationally as a highly talented, experienced, accomplished musician, first rate-motion picture composer, award-winning TV producer, and music instructor.

“Prairie Soul; Black Rhythms From The Heartland” (written and produced by Mr. Peek) an independently produced documentary on Black music in Canada, was nominated for a PBS Best Independent Documentary Award, and was broadcast in heavy rotation by PBS and Bravo! cable channels for over 5 years. “Prairie Soul” is currently being used in the Black Studies programs of Yale and York Universities, and as historical material educational content in Canada and other British Commonwealth countries. “Tracking The Beat”, was written, produced and hosted by Mr. Peek. It was a drumset-oriented series that consistently beat Saturday Night Live in regional ratings. “Iced Jazz”, focusing on two well-known international musicians, won a Blizzard International Award for Best Music Mini-Series in the mid-1990s.

As an international musician Mr. Peek has recorded and/or toured with many internationally-renown musical acts. His partial credit list includes: Roy Ayers, Gary Bartz, Broken Songs, Papa Mambo, Mighty Joe Young, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Shimi Tavori, Memphis Slim, Slekay Hanishemah, Daniel Koulack and KSAB, Emma Dorgo, Eddie Palmieri, Eddie Henderson, David “Fathead” Newman, Jack Black, Linda Hopkins, Ernestine Anderson, Norma Miller, Willie Dixon, The AACM, Chuck Berry, Stefan Bauer, Marie Claude and Pete Cosey as well as several Eurovision appearances and being an international symphony orchestra Featured Artist. He was a longtime staff producer and musician for Canadian broadcasters CBC/RCI, CTV, and Global TV, and he taught university music courses in classes and gave numerous open-to-the-public demonstration musical clinics.

Adrian Peek has produced and recorded hundreds of recording sessions for many various artists, TV and international radio broadcasts on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

After relocating to Los Angeles Mr. Peek continues to work as a motion picture music composer and as a recording/performing artist. He does live performances with several jazz, theater and R&B groups in the Los Angeles area and does drum recording sessions for independent artists. Mr. Peek is also teaching Music Theory and Percussion to underprivileged children at Compton (CA) Conservatory of Music.

Adrian Peek is an Exclusive Soultone Cymbals Artist


Giacomo Bertaina (Consulting Producer)

Mr. Bertaina is a global multicultural and bilingual (Spanish/English) marketing executive with twenty years’ experience in brand strategy and digital marketing across various industries. He has worked for Fortune 500 and new venture companies in U.S.A., U.S. Hispanic market, and Latin America producing marketing campaigns and digital content for global brands like Chevrolet, Carrier, SAB Miller, Motorola, Cisco, HSBC, DISHNetwork/DISHLatino, Discovery Networks, BlueCross BlueShield, Universal Music, Terra Networks.

He’s a Cuban music collector with 6,000+ albums and launched the first Cuban Tres guitar music instruction e-commerce website in the world in 2015 to foster this rarely known but beautiful instrument and Afro-Cuban music globally.. His YouTube channel is one of the top Afro-Cuban music video resources, with several thousands of subscribers and more than 2.1MM total views.

Efrain Rios (Developing Producer, one of the Celebrity Mentors)

Mr. Rios is considered one of the best Cuban Tres players alive and is the world’s best Cuban Tres instructor. He has recorded more than 70 internationally released albums of Afro-Cuban music since 1980, “Mardi Gras Mambo: Cubanismo In New Orleans” being specific to our project. He graduated from Instituto Pedagogico Universitario Jose E. Varona in Havana, Cuba. Mr. Rios was Cuban Tres guitar professor at Escuela de Superacion Profesional Ignacio Cervantes, Escuela Nacional de Musica, and Instituto Superior (ISA) in Cuba. He played Cuban Tres guitar in famous Afro-Cuban music groups like Grupo Mayohuacan and his own Sexteto Raison. Efrain was conferred the title of Honorary Citizen by the City of New Orleans in 1999. He has many performance and instructional videos, with several thousand followers and “likes”, posted on YouTube.

Brandon A. Blake (Project Legal Counsel – Blake & Wang P.A.)

Brandon A. Blake has practiced entertainment law in Los Angeles for more than sixteen years with the law firm BLAKE & WANG P.A.  From a big firm background, his practice includes work exclusively for entertainment clientele in contract, corporate, distribution and financing, music, and packaging. Mr. Blake represents Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Grammy Award recognized producers, directors and artists and negotiates major motion picture distribution deals. A list of recent feature film project credits can be found at

Mr. Blake’s production company Saturn Harvest, LLC produced the Lions Gate Films release “The Presence” with Daniel Myrick, director of “The Blair Witch Project” and Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, and is producing the $23 million dollar feature film “Orpheus“. A small sample of completed projects Mr. Blake has worked on include “Winter’s Tale” with Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe, M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit”, Kevin Macdonald’s “Life in a Day”, and Sidney Lumet’s “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney, and Marisa Tomei, among many other notable projects. Notable writer-director clients have included Colin Trevorrow (“Jurassic World” and “Star Wars: Episode IX”) and Tom Provost (“Under Suspicion” with Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman).

As an entertainment lawyer, Mr. Blake represents writers and animators of some of the best know works in the world, including the Bill Peet Estate (Creator of “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” and “Dumbo”), Emmy award winner Anthony Bell (Co-creator of the “Rugrats”), and graphic novelist Mark Kalesniko (writer of “Mail Order Bride”).

As a producers’ rep, Mr. Blake represents films at major markets including the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, FILMART in Hong Kong, and AFM. Most recently, Mr. Blake represented five feature films at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Venice Film Festival Official Selection “Karoy.”

Entertainment lawyers at Blake & Wang represent feature film, scripted TV, reality television, web series, and music projects. More than entertainment lawyers, B&W moves projects forward through packaging with A-list cast and submission of projects to top production companies, networks, studios, distributors and financiers. Entertainment Law from Idea to Execution. ®.

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