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A one-of-a-kind, never-been-done-before TV series development project that has built-in international and social media appeal.

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Project Description

We propose to gather a group of uber-talented young (18-28) professional musicians from all over the world, chosen through intense social media follower engagement, to travel to Costa Rica and live in seclusion. The group will be mentored by world renown Grammy-winning, multi-platinum artists as they develop original music (and lyrics) based on Afro-Cuban and African-American musical styles mixed with their own cultural influences and musical styles. All under the watchful and somewhat intrusive eyes of TV cameras.

Online followers will regularly vote which deserving young musicians accomplish a series of artistic/musical “tasks” through a process of elimination. The mentors will visit the group periodically, and will have some influence on the series’ final outcome.

The group will be forced to overcome language, cultural and personal issues to work together because they will all share an intense love and dedication to music. Even under the intense competition this situation will create between group members, their love of music has to force them to work together during the creative and rehearsal process.

The international online exposure of these musicians will insure intense global public demand for the final “band”, in the form of online music/video streaming and personal appearances. In addition the (for want of a better term) “losers” will have also built a considerable market presence, making possible the spawning of several groups and solo artists from this one TV series. This project represents an opportunity to create a new Motown, having a bevy of artists with solid international followings and long lasting profitable careers.

2017 was the most profitable year for the music industry since the late 1990’s. The digital revolution in music has changed profit streams to a long-term basis. In the past, initial sales and radio plays in the first 2-3 weeks of a release determined a recording’s success. Now, streaming provides major revenue streams that surpass physical unit sales.

Back in the day, when someone loved a song it was played over and over again on their own record players, tape decks or CD. But those “plays” did not result in any further payments to the artist. Whenever a music track is streamed it generates micro-payments to the artist and the publisher. Instead of someone wearing out a vinyl record or CD from repeated plays they now just stream music in their digital devices whenever and wherever they choose. Many artists have achieved billions of streams, resulting in millions of dollars in royalty payments to those artists and their publishers.

We seek $143,173.00 (USD) from our Equity Partners to complete the “development” process of television production. In order to present a show “package” to potential buyers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, TV and Cable Networks, others) we need to professionally create and produce; a “pitch book” (sales presentation), a series show “bible” (dramatic rulebook), a broadcast quality “sizzle reel” (a short sample video production of a first episode segment), and a full-length pilot script.

The completed package will be pitched to potential buyers by our experienced and well-respected legal team. Due to the lack of new content and super-demand by global content providers we are well –poised to make “My Music My Dream” an international “smash” hit.

Our Equity Partners will receive: 110% return on their original investment and 10% of all the many potential profit streams arising from the sale/placement of this series plus various royalty payments over time.

The 2018 Tax Reform Act reinstated the Section 181 Deduction for TV and motion picture production investment. Simply put, this creates a 37-cent tax deduction for every $1 dollar of investment.

It’s an inescapable fact that the world is becoming more and more wired. The video streaming market is estimated to grow from $30 billion in 2016 to $70 billion by 2021. This growth is due to rising online streaming usage. Streamers are using payment methods, including micro-payment systems, that bypass traditional TV and cable business models.

Smartphones and tablets, the most widely-used streaming platforms, have increased global viewership by 60%.This platform-type supports streaming services from content providers like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. The US television and cable networks will also have strong interest in our idea, as they struggle to maintain relevance in an increasingly Video-On-Demand audience market.

The video streaming market is expected to grow at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate of 18.3% due to rising online streaming. Over-The-Top (OTT) solutions for streaming payments is expected to dominate this market from 2016 to 2021. Video-On-demand (VOD) has increased audiences’ access to content as any content is now available to consumers when they wish, instead of waiting for scheduled content as in the recent past.

Streaming is here to stay, and it will fundamentally change the manner in which video is consumed world-wide.

“Overall, the (music) industry is much bigger than people anticipated at the beginning of the streaming era. When you see China in the Top 10 (markets) for the first time, plus the fact the industry’s going to see Sub-Saharan Africa and India grow revenue, as well as explosive growth in Latin America.

“China is engaged in building out a healthy music business, and that’s a huge opportunity. Africa has a growing youth population, and there will be a lot more mobile devices than there ever were CD players.

“I really don’t think the music industry has seen anywhere close to its best days yet.

-Troy Carter, Founding Member, Spotify                                                                                                           Owner of Atom Factory Management                                                                                                               Music Business Worldwide Blog                                                                                                           April 28, 2018

Following below is our Development Budget Estimate, its Breakdown/Explanations and proposed production schedule.

M3D budget 05.18.2018

(Please note: The Union (Sag/Aftra, WGA, DGA, IATSE) Scale (minimum) payments quoted are due to expire on 07/31/2018. Should production begin after that date, these minimums will be increased. The contingency (Acct #5106) is intended to cover any such eventuality)

Our estimated production timeline is as follows;

-Once full funding is received, production begins. Initially, a WGA-credited screenwriter, a DGA-credited reality television Director and Unit Production Manager (UPM) must be screened and hired. The Executive Producer will personally view submitted “reels” (demonstration videos of past work) and choose to hire the above from these professional-level* submissions. This process could take up to 4 weeks;

-Actors will be cast through an agency, and rehearsals will begin as soon as the shooting script is completed. The (very necessary) custom website content will be created, a web host chosen and the new original web will be content posted online. The shooting (filming) and all required video and audio equipment will be scheduled/rented. The UPM will hire camera and audio technicians for the shoot. This process takes approximately two weeks;

-The actual shoot will take place over 2-days in Los Angeles. We have estimated 5 days to complete post-production (editing, adding dialogue and sound effects, recorded music). The “delivery” (completion) date would be after the final cut has been approved and content has been formatted as required. This process will take about 2 weeks to complete.

Depending upon facility, crew, talent and equipment availability we may be able to compress this timeframe. Any unused production funds will be returned to our Partners per ownership percentage invested.

(*) In order to insure the best chance of success, we must employ only well-experienced cast and crew. Series buyers insist that submissions be of broadcast (4K/better) quality. The “DIY”/cut-corners work ethic cannot suffice in this situation. We require top-level professionals to obtain a top-level submission that we can then profit from the placement thereof. More important, the use of top-level professionals results in much time saved, which translates into less money spent to produce our pitch package.

For the technically inclined, Netflix’ video and audio production specifications can be found on their website.

“My Music My Dream” presents a rare investment opportunity, with small risk and huge potential profits. We sincerely hope that you will seriously consider joining us as an Equity Partner, and share in the profits and esteem that comes from being a part of the next BIG worldwide sensation.

Thank you ever so much for your time.

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