Pontius Pilate – The Movie

Epic-Action/Drama/Bio-Pic about the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate, who executes Yeshua (Jesus) while trying to keep the peace.

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Project Description

Epic, action-drama, bio-pic, PONTIUS PILATE, Pontius tries to save Yeshua (Jesus) from death as a hostile nation opposes him. Assassinations, economics, sedition, a Samaritan uprising strain his political and military tactics to the maximum. Unjustly, his trial for murder by one of history’s most evil Roman Emperors, Caligula, puts his life in utter turmoil.


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The flow of development, an intriguing, revealing look at the exciting beginnings of a biopic, a spectacular action/drama movie; the author reveals his unique inner workings and “Development Hell” as the people in Hollywood call it but for him, “Development Heaven”!  The author has commissioned the music and artwork described in this book.  In his autobiographic section, No Man Called Me, he reveals his private life and spiritual progression to give us a glimpse of heaven from his own point-of-view. This motivates all his work and his unrelenting drive toward production. Here, the story excerpts, the history underpins, and the visuals give PONTIUS PILATE, the Roman Prefect, his space, his place, in our time.

Review by ANGELA V. JOHN, Professor of History, Biographer, BBC contributor

“… There are lots of goodies in your book. I enjoyed the historical explanations and the story boards and although I’m usually wary of conversion narratives – not least because the person relating the experience is writing about something deeply personal to him/her that it can be difficult to empathize with – I did find your “No Man Called Me’ compelling. Your description of being seated at the front of Llandaff Cathedral in bright red trousers with tears streaming down your face is powerful! I must admit I felt most for your dear mum but you tell your story well even though it is now far from being private and personal!”

Books by Angela V. John:  Visit http://www.angelavjohn.com/









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  1. Mark

    Pontius Pilate The Movie DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION
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  2. Mark

    Your Reasons — Choose any one of twelve!
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    1. To entertain the world and personally share in 50% of the profits.
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    4. To be invited to the set as an extra.
    5. To see exposed the factual, visual and historical content.
    6. To view the Biblical accuracy, the facts and the merits of the production.
    7. To experience for the first time in a dramatic presentation the complete and unabridged trial of Yeshua ha Mashiach never before told in such unabashed truthfulness.
    8. To invite your friends, family and neighbours to see the dramatically expressed understanding, symbolism and imagery so they might see the truth revealed to them.
    9. To ensure the film is produced and distributed world-wide.
    10. Because you may be a Christian and you want everyone to be exposed, in an entertaining way, to the truth of salvation for all mankind.
    11. As your way of contributing to the great commission to bring love to the world as commanded by Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah.)
    12. To pay respect to the heritage of the people in Israel today. To uphold them as God’s chosen people. Like all of us; we may be chosen or we may choose.

  3. Mark

    7.6 to 7.8 billion people in the world today and according to the BBC, two billion are Christians; 20 to 25% of the world population professes some kind of belief in Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah). The minimum market potential for PONTIUS PILATE THE MOVIE, two billion: However, the entertainment value of the film, as written, has unlimited potential. Contact me to learn more about your participation.

  4. Mark

    Mark Darby Slater

    My new, non-fiction book detailing PONTIUS PILATE THE MOVIE, in development; over twelve chapters, including fascinating historical and Biblical articles to reaffirm the facts explains erroneous beliefs and sets the course for the most accurate dramatic representation of this story for the screen. Also newsletters, exclusive to patrons, I disclose the development and creative processes, secrets in the movie itself, screenwriting and story. My early life, my autobiography, No Man Called Me, my evolving drive to produce this as the greatest movie of our time includes a most private and personal experience, never before seen in print or on the Internet; plus extra bonus materials and photographs. Over 220 pages and 37,000 words bring Pontius Pilate to the place in history he deserves!


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