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uCasters X STREAM TV is a POWERFUL movie and LIVE concert streaming platform that allows our customers to watch a wide assortment of movies, short films, live events, live concerts, radio stations and more on one AWESOME platform on any device. With uCasters X STREAM TV, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of our content.

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Project Description


UCASTERS X STREAM TV, is the next generation movie streaming website.  Built on a very powerful platform UCASTERS X STREAM TV offers

  • 128bit government level encrypted security features
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming over HLS.
  • Crystal Clear viewing no matter the internet connection of the End Users.

Basically, movies are secure from being able to be downloaded and the quality of streaming is exemplary, no matter the internet speed.

UCASTERS X STREAM TV can also be streamed to your favorite set top boxes like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.  It is also available on PC, MAC, PlayStation Network and XBOX or enjoyed on the go on any mobile device.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the largest global streaming service and to partner with movie production studios like Universal, Paramount, MGM, New Line Cinema, Disney, Sony, Columbia, 21st Century FOX, Dreamworks, Warner Bros., and a host of others to offer their movies from their very first to the current.  This would in turn make UCASTERS X STREAM TV the largest United States based streaming platform in the world.

For a while Netflix has been adding more Originals and removing theatrical titles from its library.  We want UCASTERS X STREAM TV to be the place where production studios can have that venue to release their films and make more revenue by doing so.

It is also out goal to surpass Netflix’s 96 million subscribers mark within the first 1-2 years of bringing UCASTERS X STREAM TV online.  The way we accomplish this is by aggressive advertising campaigns, launch parties and hitting target markets before we officially launch as well as the partnership between us and the studios.

What separates UCASTERS X STREAM TV from services like Netflix, Amazon and HULU? 

We are not the generic streaming service that will allow just any type of content on our platform. The features that separates us from the rest is that want to offer “IN THEATERS NOW or PVOD Premium Video On Demand” as well as “LIVE CONCERTS” offered as premium service for our subscribers and non-subscribers and movies, short films, documentaries, series and “LIVE In-Studio Radio Broadcasts” available on our standard services.

We are aware that movie studios are somewhat reluctant to give their first-run movies to streaming services.  However, we can create more revenue for studios by releasing to the public simultaneously with theaters.  If Ford just stopped at the Model T, the Mustang would have never been invented or invented by someone else and the rest of the car manufactures would have literally and figuratively left Ford in the dust.

With this being the digital age and the age of information, people are wanting things here and now because of the mini computers in their purses and pockets.  Movie studios can position themselves to make even more revenue by utilizing this need.  UCASTERS X STREAM TV wants to be the ONE Company that has the opportunity and privilege to earn the trust of the industry and make this a WIN for all involved.

Movies, Radio Stations Broadcasts & Live Concerts

UCASTERS X STREAM TV is accessible wherever there is an internet connection so you’ll always be able to get instant access to great content. UCASTERS X STREAM TV will be host to an extensive library featuring award-winning movies, feature films, documentaries and more.

You can play, pause, and resume watching, all without commercials. However, we will add pre and post roll ads, comments and previews just like at the movies.  But will never interrupt your viewing pleasure with an ad.  Plus, users can stream all the movies they want to watch on their iOS or Android mobile device’s so they can watch while they’re on the go!

Why would anyone Pay $54.99 to see what’s “In Theaters Now”?

The answer is so simple!  Users will be watching from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Think of it like this…  The average standard definition movie ticket price for (children 2-12) $10.69 and for adults ages (13 & up) is $13.69.  Now take a family of four with 2 parents and 2 children (2-12).  The cost for them to enjoy a night out would be $48.76 and that is not including the cost of transportation/gas and snacks.  You’re looking at close to $100.00 or more for a night out.  That might not seem like a lot to you or I, but for a family on a budget that’s a lot. A family on a budget will love the experience of seeing the next big movie at home for a fraction of the price.  Not to mention, Comcast was charging $89.95 to watch the Mayweather fight and people paid it.

Our competitors are not forward thinkers

Netflix has gone the way of originals and that’s what works for them. Amazon Fire TV is open sourced and allows platforms like Terrarium and Kodi to be installed that allows pirated content to be viewed for free.  And HULU is doing pretty well for itself in the market being the smaller service.

The only services that’s close to what UCASTERS X STREAM TV is proposing Prima-Cinema and the Screening Room.  The cost to install Prima-Cinema is $35,000 and $500 to rent a movie.  That is way too expensive for the average family.  The Screening Room’s plan was to offer the service to users for $50 and to pay the movie distributor’s 20% and give participating theater chains up to $20, each customer would receive two tickets to see that rented title at their local theater and the Screening Room would take 10%.  I’m no math wizard but something wasn’t adding up with that business model.  We figured, cut out the middleman and split the extra percentages between us and the movie studios that allow us to stream its films.

We want to create a great user experience that is affordable to everyone!  We only add quality content and that’s the bottom line.  This is why we feel it’s prudent to make Movie Studios our “Streaming Partners”!

Here’s a simple breakdown of what we propose.  A ($54.99/ 24 hour digital ticket) multiplied by (on the low end and just for sake of math) 500,000 viewers for the next Avengers or Black Panther, Justice League or Dead Pool movie would be $27,495,000 at a 50/50 split and the studio’s take would be $13,747,500.00.  And to sweeten the deal we will cover all the cost associated for streaming and credit card processing from our 50%!

Once the movie enters “the dark zone” the price will be reduced and studios will allow us to offer the movie in our library, paying the studio quarterly for the duration of the agreed upon term the movie is on our platform.

We want our “Streaming Partners” films to be a hit!  We will assist in advertising new releases on our platform, host premieres and LIVE Red Carpet events for first runs/new releases, interview production, directors and cast members and stream it all LIVE on our platform to be seen by our users.  If there are films that’s not going to make it to the silver screen we can make it exclusively available on our platform.


The first month is free for new subscribers and does not include “In Theaters Now” or LIVE Concerts.  If you choose to remain a member of UCASTERS X STREAM TV, subscribers be billed once per month on the date that you originally signed up.  Plans can be upgraded, downgraded and canceled at any time from the subscriber’s account page. (Quality of stream is based on user’s internet speeds).

People want more content and they want it NOW!!!  We are the solution.

Pick your price, pick your plan! UCASTERS X STREAM TV offers 2 membership plans to suit our subscribers. Your plan will determine how many people can stream UCASTERS X STREAM TV content at once, and whether you can view in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), or Ultra High Definition (UHD):

  • Standard Plan – $ 6.99:1 screen plan HD (stream on 1 devices at a time).
  • Premium Plan – $12.99:up to 4 screen plan HD/UHD 4K (stream on up to 4 devices at a time).
  • IN THEATERS NOW – $54.99: (Can be viewed on only 1 device) Subscribers and non-subscribers can watch what’s in theaters in their homes on any device using UCASTERS X STREAM TV for 24 hours.
  • LIVE CONCERTS – (Concert promoters set fees): (Can be viewed on only 1 device) Subscribers and non-subscribers can watch concerts LIVE until their end. Some concerts may be available for on-demand afterwards at the Concert Promoters discretion and will be available only under the Standard and Premium plans.


UCASTERS X STREAM TV is accessible wherever there is an internet connection so you’ll always be able to get instant access to great content. UCASTERS X STREAM TV will be host to an extensive library featuring award-winning movies, feature films, documentaries and more.

You can play, pause, and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments during. However, we will add pre and post roll ads, comments and previews.  But will never interrupt your viewing pleasure with an ad.

Plus, you can stream all the movies you want to watch on your iOS or Android mobile device’s so you can watch while you’re on the go!

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