UNSUNG: The Forgotten

Faced with a decision that may cost him his life, a soldier is torn between his family and their concern about his PTSD or re-deploying in order to seek revenge for his daughter’s death.

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Project Description

Screenplay by Michael Olsen

After graduating from John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Michael enlisted into the United States Army, where he served honorably for 22 years before being medically retired in 2013. During those 22 years, he participated in 4 campaigns in Iraq. Liberation of Iraq, Transition of Iraq (2002-2003), National Resolution (2006-2007, 2010 – 2011) and participated in 1 campaign in Afghanistan, Consolidation II (2008-2009). His duties included serving as a Combat Truck Driver, an Infantryman and a Blackhawk Doorgunner. His stateside duty assignments included the First Infantry Division, The Third Infantry Division, The 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division. His deployment duty assignments included Camp New York, Kuwait / Baghdad, Iraq / Fallujah, Iraq / Victory Base Complex, Iraq / Bagram, Afghanistan / Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


The funds will be used not only as seed money but also to film a trailer for the film.

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The Black List

January 18, 2018   Overall 7 / 10

The narrative’s premise, which has echoes of AMERICAN SNIPER and TAKEN, could have mainstream commercial potential and broad audience appeal. As a proud soldier and grieving father who re-deploys to Iraq after his daughter in killed in action, Tony’s role is an epic one many leading men would want to play. His role is drawn with enough depth and characterized with authenticity, specificity and sufficient voice that gives it the potential of attracting the interest of top actors.

Military life, the Afghanistan-Iraq conflict, and combat are all characterized with precision, authenticity and specificity that ought to satisfy even discerning military viewers. The third act is explosive, thrilling, appropriately climactic and cathartic. The action set pieces are visceral, cinematic and intense.

UNSUNG: THE FORGOTTEN has a viable premise that could have mainstream commercial appeal, a lead role in Tony many top actors may be interested in playing, authentic characterization of its story world and strong action.

Fresh Voices

January 25, 2018   Overall 7.5 / 10

There was a great use of setting and detail here, particularly in the heat of battle – the tension and adrenaline really comes across on the page, and I’m rooting for Borne from start to finish. There are also some strong themes at play here, and an endearing and relatable focus on family, duty, and honor.

Spot Light Award Nomination

Best Role Written for a Leading Man

Adams is compelling and well-rounded, with plenty of strengths and flaws – a strong role for an actor.


SSG Tony Adams, decides to retire and submits his retirement packet after serving for 20 years in order to spend more time with his family. His oldest daughter, Amanda announces that she has joined the Army in order to follow in her fathers and grandfather’s footsteps.
As Amanda is eating lunch in the Dining Facility, an insurgent who worked on the Forward Operating Base and stole an Iraqi Army uniform enters the DFAC and detonates a suicide vest. The family’s world is turned upside down when they are informed that Amanda was killed in action two days prior. After her funeral Tony decides to withdraw his retirement packet. That night, Tony tells Christine that he withdrew his packet which results in a heated argument between Tony and Christine.

Through gathered intelligence during Operation Nighthawk Phase 1, the unit learns that ABU MUSAB al-ZARQAWIS is responsible for the DFAC attack. As they are moving through the neighborhood, during Operation Nighthawk Phase 2, Tony gets separated from the rest of first squad and second squad. He takes cover in a house, the house of a neighborhood elder, Ali Najjar.

Tony watches as al- Zarqawis enters a house at the end of the block. As Tony and first squad make their way up the block, there is an explosion that instantly kills first squad and throwing Tony into the street. Tony sees Ali Najjar, standing in his doorway waving him over to his house where he lets him hide. At first light, Tony makes a run for the extraction point but is shot in the leg, Ali runs out of his house and tells Tony to play dead as al- Zarqawis and another insurgent run towards them. Ali convinces al- Zarqawis that Tony is dead so they leave. Ali helps Tony back to his house, al-Zarqawis sees this and orders his insurgents to bring Tony to him. As al-Zarqawis and his men get closer, Ali and Tony engage in a heavy firefight that kills al-Zarqawis and his men.

Although Tony is the only survivor out of 18 men, he has gained a friend that he will never forget. As Tony gets on a plane back to the states he realizes that he is leaving the country that took his daughter, his best friend and his soul.

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