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Project Description

The Vine and Bottle Wine Authority App will instantly make you the biggest expert at the table about every wine from every country on earth. Incredible features include:

  • Bar Code Scanner to instantly update information about the vintage, no typing necessary.
  • Label Scanner takes the place of the Bar Code Scanner for bottles that are missing bar codes. Instantly access over a million different vintages with a click of a button.
  • Record user information – Time, Place, Winery, Restaurant, and more. Never forget a great glass of wine again.
  • Community – Connect with other wine lovers, whether they are across the table or across the world with the Vine and Bottle social sharing functions.

More than just information about winery and vintner, dig deep into every bottle with facts about where the grapes are grown, the ratings for various years of production, and even investment information for those who relish wine for it’s bouquet and its ROI.

Never see wine the same again, with Vine and Bottle App.

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