What fees does ideaPledge charge?

ideaPledge is the least expensive option available for any type of funding, both compared to other crowdfunding platforms, and also compared to all current crowdinvesting platforms. ideaPledge has conveniently summarized all fees in one Fee Chart.

Investor Members always have 100% free access to the Pledge Platform. Creators can choose between a selection of low-cost access plans that charge for the use of the tools needed to post to the Pledge Platform.

ideaPledge guarantees it will never, 1) Take a percentage of ownership of any project, 2) participate in the profits of Creators, 3) Own any portion of Creators IP, 4) Charge Creators any fee not specified on the Fee Chart.

Moreover, many crowdinvesting sites require the purchase of expensive vetting reviews, business plans, and so called “analytics” before a project can be posted. ideaPledge does not require a business plan, or any other review or analysis. Creators are free to present projects directly to Investors. Post a project today by becoming an ideaPledge Creator!

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