What is the Maker Annual Membership plan?

The Maker Annual Membership plan is an elevated Creator level at ideaPledge. Makers can raise up to a cap of $5,000,000 for up to five projects. The cap is cumulative, meaning that you could have five projects budgeted at $1,000,000 or one project budgeted at $4,500,000 and four projects budgeted at $125,000, etc. You can mix and match budgets provided they do not exceed a total of $5,000,000. The Maker Monthly Membership is the ideal way to start raising money today with ideaPledge! Makers get access to every portion of the ideaPledge Platform, including the Project Creation Page and the Project Grid. Makers have the same selection of profit participation plans for Investors as all other Membership levels, being set at 1%, 10% and 50% profit sharing.

In addition, Annual Members get free Premium Tech Support access, with personal responses on all tech related questions.

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