With over 20 years of experience as a screenwriter, Mark Darby Slater, has recently completed his tenth screenplay, Pontius Pilate, (The Roman Prefect of Judea and Samaria). He landed his first professional screenwriting position while living in Malibu, California. This, after a successful career in business, often writing advertising copy was his first real hint of where his passion would come from. In his youth, as a Navigating Cadet, he sailed on four different oil tankers, writing long letters home. Meeting people in various walks of life has developed his desire to capture their characters for drama. His love of writing meant he was commissioned to write a romantic comedy, Fools & Mortals, under the supervision of Oscar-Nominated Film Director Paul Turner, and independent producer, Mark Steinberg, while living out west.

Shortly after, relocating to The Florida Keys, commissioned to write 90 Miles to Cuba, a love story, for independent producer Patricia Royce, led to another assignment by Beverly Hills financier, Joel Kaplan: The Portrait, a musical stage play, within a filmed drama, with recorded orchestral music and lyrics in place, he set upon the adaptation.

He also edited a screenplay, The Legend of the Fishkill, a family drama, for another writer-producer, Alan Bush. Leaving his pen in the ink-pot for a while and moving up from Company Secretary, he was appointed by The Board of Directors to take the demanding position of Managing Director of The Key West Film Society and Tropic Cinema.

After a sabbatical, Mark returned to writing again, completed Saving Elena by Moonlight, collaborating with Henry Villate, resulting in an adaptation of an extraordinary love story. Slater also commissioned to complete A Book Proposal and currently tries his hand at a television series, Adventures in Paradise, with Captain Barry Spieler.
Mark’s interests include, teaching screenwriting to beginners, (which he taught at the Florida Keys Community College), reading non-fiction, attending The Tropic Cinema, he enjoys living on his 46-ft. sea-going motor yacht, scuba-diving, bike-riding and travel.
But Mark’s main love, writing, comes from a love for the human race, their complexities and contradictions, their desire for achievement, the mystery of the human existence. When he puts the action of his characters on paper and they are understood and enjoyed by his audience, his job is complete.

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